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Ages 5-8

Joey Scouts is the first chance for young children to have a real adventure, like their first abseil, a visit to the local fire station, or even an overnight camp! From 5 years of age, Joey Scouts play an active role in their program from discussing activities they want to do and experience a degree of independence and teamwork. Joey Scouts are mentored by our older youth sections and always supported and supervised by our trained adult leaders.

Ages 8-11

Cub Scouts focus on exploring the outdoors, discovery and learning interesting things! You’ll get to go on camps and might attend a Cuboree camp with hundreds of other Cub Scouts! As well as learning things like how to use a compass, you’ll go on bushwalks, bike trips, and have the chance to do activities such as sailing, canoeing and abseiling. Making new friends and building social skills are very important for Cub Scouts.

Ages 11-14

Scouts focus on developing their confidence and learning how to work as part of a team. We learn essential outdoor safety skills as well as participate in a variety of physical and intellectual challenges. The programs are designed to target and develop each young person’s own special interests and hobbies. From bushwalks and camping expeditions to getting out on the water in a kayak, there is something for everyone.

Ages 14-18

Venturer Scouts is a do-it-yourself mix of fun, adventure and personal challenge that brings together like-minded young people from all walks of life. When you’re dealing with your toughest years in school and making decisions about your future, Venturer Scouts offers vital breathing space. You can focus on friendship and personal growth, while picking up valuable life skills along the way. As a Venturer Scout, you may find yourself exploring wilderness Australia, diving on coral reefs or abseiling into a limestone cave.

Ages 18-25


Rover Scouts are self-managing and plan and run all their own activities – which are tailored to the requirements and interests of members. Rover Scouts enjoy helping others, having a great time and taking on new challenges. Social activities such as balls, bush dances, harbour cruises, nights out, car rallies and “Moots” (gatherings of Rovers on a local, national and sometimes international level) will feature on an active Rover Scout’s program. Action is at the core of all Rover Scout activities. And it’s your choice what you do whether it’s kayaking, canyoning, hiking, camping in the snow or even planning an international expedition. There are heaps of international travel experiences for Rover Scouts to become involved in, with contingents leaving Australia every year to Scouting events across the globe, in addition to the individual travel opportunities that are also available.

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